About TSS

TSS is a specialist information security company founded by former Australian Government technical intelligence and security specialists.

TSS mitigates and minimises risks posed by sophisticated adversaries, be that state-sponsored actors, issue-motivated groups or rogue private contractors. In the Australian market, TSS' knowledge of the cyber threat landscape is unparalleled.

Service Offering
  • Security posture snapshot and architecture review
  • Red teaming (attack emulation)
  • Application and infrastructure penetration testing
  • Secure source code review
  • Incident response and intrusion discovery
  • Cloud (third party) security reviews
  • Mobile and endpoint security
  • Security research
  • Managed security services

General Enquiries:
  • +61 2 6152 2200
CREST Approved Company.   CREST Approved Testers.   Refer to www.crestaustralia.org.